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Happy Wheels 5

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wheelchairAnother version of the popular racing game hits the internet. Happy Wheels 5 is now available for our users who were waiting for this release for so long. In fact, Happy Wheels is the most addictive and intriguing flash game that you may come across the internet today. I think that Happy Wheels is the only game where player feels good even when he looses the race. The objective of the game is rather straightforward – reach the finish dead or alive. I said dead or alive because in this violent game your character will definitely get a lot of damages. You will face a lot of blood and broken parts of body so be ready for this. I won’t recommend this game to little kid because of the violence.

HappyWheels5ControlsHappy Wheels 5 just like the previous version of the game offers Level Editor Mode. Using this option you can easily create your own custom map, share it with other players, try it or even download custom maps created by others.Sometimes it's very amusing because there are not so much built-in levels in Happy Wheels 5. Another feature of the game that everyone loves is variety of characters. You won't notice cute racers with powerful cars in the game, the characters look funny and a bit unusual. For example, how about using a wheelchair guy as your racing character? Or an Irresponsible Dad with little kid? The most interesting thing that all of them have different skills. Some of them can drive faster while others can jump or even fly.

Happy Wheels 5 is a game that will help you to kill spare time. A version of the game available at our website is Demo, because the official version is still not developed. Anyway, you can enjoy the unblocked version of Happy Wheels 5 for free at this page.